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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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January 2020 Fasting Prayer Points: I move into Glowing Glory

Day 1 – January 6th, 2020

1.     Father, have mercy on me in Jesus name.


2.     Lord, let your mercy not fail over my life and family in Jesus name.


3.     Father, forgive me my sins and wash me in the blood of Jesus.


4.     Father, I come in the righteousness of Christ in Jesus name.


5.     Let mercy prevail over judgement in every area of my life in Jesus mighty name.


6.     Father, let your presence always go with me in Jesus name.


Day 2 – January 7th, 2020

In Jesus name:

7. Father,  I thank you for seeing me through last year and bringing me into the year 2020.


8. Thank you Father, for your unfailing love over my life and family.

9. Thank you Father for always being there for me.

10. Thank you Lord for your protection.

11. Thank you Father for providing for me and my family.

12. Thank you for the salvation of my soul.

13. Thank you Lord for my health.

14. Thank you Father for my career.

15. Thank you Lord for my business.

16. Thank you Lord for my finances.

17. Thank you Lord for my glorious destiny and because your zeal will fulfill it in Jesus mighty name.


Day 3 – January 8th, 2020

18. Failure at the edge of breakthrough die concerning my life, family and destiny in the name of Jesus.

19. Voices from my foundation crying against my success, progress and accomplishment,  be silenced and die in Jesus name.

20. Evil foundations working against my life be uprooted by fire in Jesus name.

21. Evil foundations be replaced by the foundation of Jesus Christ by the power in the blood of Jesus.

22. Wicked associations working to bring me down, fail and die in Jesus mighty name.

Day 4 – January 9th, 2020

23. Wicked elders holding my family captive, die in Jesus name.

24. Wicked powers controlling my nation for evil, die in Jesus mighty name.

25. Father, provide for orphans and widows in Jesus mighty name.

26. My family and I break out of collective captivity by the power in the blood of Jesus.

27. Every power holding me down, die in Jesus name.

28. I go upward and forward by the power in blood of Jesus.

Day 5 – January 10th, 2020

29. Father, let captives and modern-day slaves be delivered and set free in Jesus name.

30. Lord, help and protect the firefighters, police, soldiers, doctors,  nurses and paramedics in Jesus name.

31. Let the fingers of the wicked pointed at my life, career, investment,  academics, finances, health, family and destiny,  wither and die in the name of Jesus.

32. Let darkness give way to light in my life, home, family, career, finances and destiny in Jesus mighty name.

33. Light of God, dispel every darkness in my life and family in Jesus mighty name.

34. Light of God, illuminate my life, family and destiny in Jesus mighty name.

35. Light of God, lead me into my resounding breakthroughs in Jesus mighty name.

36. Year 2020 will favor my family and I exceedingly in Jesus name.

37. All will go well with me in this year and beyond in Jesus mighty name.

Day 6 – January 11th, 2020

38. Powers holding my breakthroughs,  benefits and prosperity,  hand them over to me and die in Jesus name.

39. Opportunity wasters, opportunity aborters, die in Jesus name.

40. Punishment of the sins of the parents upon the children will not come upon me and my family in Jesus mighty name.

41. I cancel problems and losses in this year and beyond by the power in the blood of Jesus.

42. Powers wanting me to weep and sorrow this year 2020, you are a failure, die in the name of Jesus.

43. Every strongman of my father's and mother's houses,  give up my blessings and die in Jesus name.

Day 7 – January 12th, 2020

44. My star will shine gloriously in Jesus name.

45. From this moment,  I begin to go forward and grow great in Jesus name.

46.My labor of previous years will bring me bountiful beneficial rewards now in Jesus name.

47. I take back my buried and hindered blessings in the heavenlies,  on the earth, underneath the earth and in the waters in Jesus mighty name.

48. Opposition to my God ordained high place crumble by fire in Jesus name.

49. I recover what failure at the edge of breakthrough has stolen from me in Jesus name.

 50. I ascend into my high places by fire in Jesus mighty name.