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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Inspirational Quotes

Doubt births negative confessions; it hinders God’s promises and it spurs the
devil into action! Don’t give the devil any propelling force against your life!
God is able in all situations; only when you believe!
Ayobola O'Emmanuel 
You pray and nothing happens. You pray and nothing happens.
You pray and nothing happens.
You pray; - and something is bound to happen!.
Kunle O'Emmanuel (KOE)
“When your troubles become unbearable
And your trials become overwhelming,
It is time to handover
And let GOD takeover!”
Ayobola O'Emmanuel 
Joy is a decision. Circumstances and situations will scream distractions.
Come what may, decide to be joyful in God and by the Holy Spirit
you will be joyful.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
When your challenges seem unbearable, Praise God even when it seems
impossible! He will do the unbelievable!
Ayobola O'Emmanuel 
Persevere in the face of obstacles and pressures. As the pain increases,
persevere and you will discover; by the Holy Spirit, pleasure and joy which
notably exceeds the pressure and pain you felt.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
“When you learn to walk in God’s footsteps, you will begin to walk
victoriously over every challenge that may come your way!”
Ayobola O'Emmanuel  
There are hardly any effective humanly guaranteed rights in this world.
Your humanly granted rights have and may be trampled upon, even by
men, laws and constitutions purporting to guarantee them. In the perfect
eternal Kingdom, you have guaranteed rights, not only in this world,
but also in the next.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
When battles or challenges seem overwhelming to the point of giving up,
that means your victory is very near! Therefore, hold on to Jesus;
keep on persevering; don’t give up, your victory is sure!”
Kunle & Ayobola O'Emmanuel  
Promises must be activated to fruition. Prayer, fasting, love, giving
and faithfulness are activators.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
Do your life’s challenges seem overwhelming?
And you feel like God is not moving
You feel like your prayers God is not answering
Right now, you just feel like giving up everything
Yes! Go on; give up to God your entire burden!
Continuously offer thanksgiving offerings!
Then watch and wait patiently for your testimonies!
Ayobola O'Emmanuel  
Friendship is a commitment to inconvenience your self, to the farthest
extent possible, even death, for someone else.
How many are your friends, how many are you friends to?
Kunle O'Emmanuel
Believe God for the impossible and you will receive the incredible!
Ayobola O'Emmanuel 
Many people live lives of quiet discontentment which not only lead to dissatisfaction,
loss of opportunities and various health problems; it may well lead to an early grave.
Be content! Contentment has great gains not only in this life, but also in the world to come.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
If you try to succeed your own way you are creating a highway to failure.      
Ayobola O'Emmanuel

If you think you are failing while trying to succeed in God's own way, you have not failed; in fact you have succeeded.

You have at least successfully overcome the failure of not trying.

You are on the path to success my friend. Keep on trying, you will eventually succeed.


 Kunle O'Emmanuel

God feels your pains and sees your tears!
Your heart cries, God hears
Cast on Him your entire burden, care and fears
Obey His Word; even in your tears.
God will bear your burdens because He cares.”
Ayobola O'Emmanuel 
Starting again gives you the opportunity to avoid the crippling mistakes
of the past.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
Mistakes are great teachers. They are stern, confident and fierce in
redirecting you from what you should not do; to what you should do.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
When you think it's over, get ready, God has just began with you!
Ayobola O'Emmanuel  
You need help? Make sure the one you call on has the capacity to help,
beyond the capacity of the problem you're facing. Only God has limitless
Kunle O'Emmanuel
“When you hold your problems dear to your heart
You are telling God that you can solve your problems.”
Ayobola O'Emmanuel  


Purpose births passion, passion births action and action births accomplishment.

Kunle O'Emmanuel


“Wait a minute, night and day are yet to cease!
The sun still shines as you can see
And the rain falls still
Why worry about what life brings?
Hold on! Jesus lives!
There is still ceaseless hope, your testimonies you will embrace!
Ayobola O'Emmanuel  
If you don’t stand up for what is right, you may be left sitting with what
is left.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
If you stand up for what is right, you stand a better chance of
side-stepping the injustice threatening to crush you and indeed all
humanity. Indeed, you are more likely to over-step and crush the
injustice. If you don’t stand, you stand a good chance of being
Kunle O'Emmanuel
“God is still patiently working on you; to make you what He wants you
to be.
Remember he made the heavens, the earth and everything therein
within a week!
If God is not done with you yet, then He must really love you!”
Ayobola O'Emmanuel  
Hope is the assurance that God will change things for good.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
Hope is knowing that God changes things and that
God will use you as an agent of change.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Kunle O'Emmanuel
“When you see through God’s eyes, you will see the invisible
When you hear through God’s ears, you will hear the incredible
When you believe through God’s heart, you will receive the unbelievable
When you confess through God’s tongue, you will experience the impossible!”
Ayobola O'Emmanuel 
Actions are performed in the present. Excellence depends on the preparation done in the past, 
taking cognizance of the future you desire to create.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
“If you are still alive
Then there is a purpose for the life you have
Each day, God moves you closer in His love
His purpose, your life will fulfill as He guides from above.”
Ayobola O'Emmanuel  
Triumph over failure by not failing where you once failed.
Kunle O'Emmanuel
The race of life is like the race of a marathon.
If you must run, run with a purpose,
run with a message, run for victory.
Kunle O'Emmanuel