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God's Solution Sanctuary
Thursday, July 25, 2024


Some testimonies...

I want to thank God for all He has done in my sister's life. At a time this year, she and members of her household were afflicted with sickness and infirmities. There was turmoil in her home and trouble from every side. At a time we all feared she was having a mental/nervous breakdown. Pastor prayed for her and counseled her on several occasions.

Thanking God today for all answered prayers. Her marriage was restored. My sister and members of her immediate family became healthy and sound physically, mentally and spiritually.  To God be all the glory.

Sister E.

10 New Clients within 2 weeks & Continuous Flow of Blood stopped!
I thank God for many things He has been doing in my life. I would like to testify of a few, in particular I was looking for more clients for my business and the man of God asked how many clients I needed and I responded that I wanted 10 clients within 2 weeks and the man of God prayed for this. God did it! I had 10 clients within 2 weeks! Also, I had a continuous flow of blood that refused to stop even after working with doctors, after the man of God prayed for me, the flow of blood stopped! To God be all the glory! Sister Leane

Passed professional examinations and job provision

I had been believing God to pass a professional examination I had failed previously. After writing the exams I was so afraid because I felt I did not even perform as well as I did in the previous exam - which I did not do well in. I held onto one of the prophecies for the year that said: the Heavens will help you. After explaining what had happened to the man of God, he said 'Congratulations' to me several times, that God told him to say congratulations because I have passed. It was difficult to believe, but when the results were released, I passed! This can only be God in action! May His name be praised. God also provided a job for me recently, I give God all the praise!

 Sister Amenze


Healing from high blood pressure, headaches and heart palpitation

I was having headaches, palpitations and high blood pressure. I had visited the doctors and the situation still continued. I came to the Church and after the man of God prayed with me, I have been totally healed! My blood pressure is normalized now, the headaches and palpitations are gone. Praise God!

Brother Will.


New job, income increase
God gave me a new job when I needed to move from my previous job I had been at for 4 years without applying for the job. A recruiter contacted me and at the end of it all, I am now working in a very peaceful and progressive environment, my incomes have also almost doubled. Praise God! Brother K
Connected with Fiance, new Range Rover; Healing from heart problems 
Hello Man of God,


First of all, I would like to thank you for ministering to me. This made my darkest times in my life brighter when you told me about God, Jesus and some spiritual stuff.

Secondly, I was trying many options such as job search, education pursuits and … dating ….I had been completely broke for two months, ….I had some admirers until one impressed me.. It was about April 19, 2014......he texted me wishing me a Happy Easter! From that very moment, he had been texting, phoning, and emailing me...Last week, he asked me whether he could be part of my life not as my fiancé, but as a mentor in any pursuit I may desire to do in life. I accepted his proposal. To prove that, he bought me a wine colour Range Rover! Although I told him that I have never driven in my life, he insisted that there was always a first time for everything! Now, I just wonder how God could do His things. He did shut the doors in those minimum wage jobs, but he also gave me the ability to do sciences too. Amazing God!!!

I wonder how God does his stuff: this guy did not only want me to be his fiancé, but also my mentor TO INSPIRE ME IN THE AREA THAT I WAS NOT GOOD. You are truly a Man of God.

God also healed me from heart problems. I was so afraid of what was happening to me, the pains went away after the man of God prayed with me, he encouraged me to go back to the doctors for check up and amazingly, the tests now showed everything was ok. Praise God!

Sister Christine