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God's Solution Sanctuary
Monday, July 06, 2020

2016 Prophecies: Year of Supernatural Lifting



1.       A year of fullness of joy, peace and prosperity for the faithful.

2.       In this year, God will fight your battles, He says; I will be an adversary to your adversaries. Your opposers will be soundly defeated.

3.       A year of fearful blessings. Gods blessings on your life, works and destiny will make people fear Him.

4.       There will be economic woes in several hitherto wealthy nations, those who can praise and worship God will be preserved. They will move into greater abundance notwithstanding the turmoil around.

5.       God will expose and disgrace liars and hypocrites.


Essentially it is a year of Divine Advancement/Acceleration



6.       Pray for the protection of leaders and that they will be saved. 

7.        Pray against cheating and injustice at the individual, community and national levels.