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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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October 2018 Fasting Prayer Points


1.    In 2 Corinthians 1:3, the Bible states: Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;. Bless God with all that is within you.


2.    Confess your sins and ask for forgiveness from God, praying that the blood of Jesus cleans you and all yours. Finally, I confessed all my sins to you and stopped trying to hide my guilt. I said to myself, "I will confess my rebellion to the LORD." And you forgave me! All my guilt is gone. (Psalm 32:15)


3.    Psalm 147:1 states: Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him! Praise him with songs of worship and thanksgiving.


4.    October the tenth month is a month of completeness and divine order. In this tenth month, God will bring order into every disorder in your life, family, career, finances, health and destiny in Jesus mighty name. Whatever is out of completion will be made complete in Jesus mighty name.


5.    Lord, destroy every counsel of the wicked against my life, family, career, advancement, supernatural progress, joy and peace in Jesus name.


6.    Arrows of the wicked sent to disorient my life, health and destiny; backfire, go back to senders in Jesus name.


7.    Pit being dug for me by the wicked, swallow your diggers in Jesus name.


8.    Stones of false accusation, gossips, antagonism targeted at me to crush my image, poise and stance, to bring me into disrepute, crush your owners in the mighty name of Jesus.


9.    Evil powers of ‘almost there, but never there', die, in the name of Jesus.


10. Evil powers denying me of my next level of advancement, promotion and decoration, die in the name of Jesus.


11. I will not die, I will live, flourish and fulfill God’s glorious plan in the land of the living in Jesus name.


12. Arrows of death, arrows of short unfulfilled life targeted at me and my family, die, in the name of Jesus.


13. Lord, destroy evil powers working against peace and stability in the Nations in Jesus precious name.


14. Father, you are a man of war, ambush, fight against and destroy enemies of righteousness in the nations in Jesus name. Let righteousness and the Word of God prevail in the nations in Jesus mighty name.


15. Lord, let oppression of orphans and faithful widows stop. Deliver them and settle them in abundant provisions, peace, companionship and prosperity in Jesus name.


16. Lord, let unsettled refugees know you, let them be saved and settle them in Jesus name.


17. Father, let there be peace in war torn nations in Jesus name.


18. Lord, fight against evil conspirators trying to bring me down, bring them down in Jesus name. I will advance, make progress, be promoted and shine in Jesus name.


19. My glorious star will not be subdued and covered; my star, arise and shine in Jesus name!


20. Lord, settle the unmarried in peaceful, joyful and progressive homes through the power of divine instruction in Jesus name.


21. Lord, make ways for those who lack, provide for them exceedingly in Jesus name.


22. In Genesis 26:13, the Bible states that: And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great: also in Genesis 30:43, the Bible states: And the man increased exceedingly, and had much cattle, and maidservants, and menservants, and camels, and asses. Pray: Father, let my life move positively forward, make me exceedingly great in Jesus mighty name.


23. Lord, destroy every power of the emptier, user and glory stealer over my life, family, career and destiny in Jesus name.


24. I move into abundance and flourishing by the power in the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.


25. Lord, increase God's Solution Ministries in line with Isaiah 2:2-3.


26. Personalize prayer number 4 above.


27. Take your personal prayer points.


28. Give thanks because: And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. (1 John 3:22)